Signature POP Aluminum Siding w/ Custom Color Appliqué and Pattern Design, Arched Windows on 2nd Storey, Modern Windows on 1st Storey, Private Entryway, Game Room, Hardwood Floors, 2 Car Garage, 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, Spacious, Family Room, Dining room, Updated Kitchen, Open layout, FREE White Picket Fence, FREE Sod, Additional designer patterns are available, just ask your POP agent!

Classic architecture evokes images of Greek Temples, Roman Forums, the Pantheon or even the Colosseum.  To truly embrace the history of architecture, however, one must look back even further, to Mesopotamia, the epitome of powerful temple architecture, and the impressive and exotic Ziggurat.  The majestic ‘Ziggurat Home’ adopts the classic stair stepped structure of traditional ziggurat to create an oppressively powerful residence.  For a greater visual impact, we at POP Homes have developed a process of photographically engraved aluminum siding incorporating any pattern the homeowner desires. We maintain a close relationship with contemporary designers such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and Kenneth Cole for this purpose.  This model comes standard with a gold-leaf style appliqué Louis Vuitton pattern along with modernly oppressive rectangular windows on the first storey.  The second storey is equipped with our signature POP Aluminum Siding in Tiffany Blue and classic arched windows, making the statement, “true, I do have a lot of money, power and class, but I am also grounded in family values!”
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