Signature POP Aluminum Siding, Double-hung Windows, Custom Shutters, Roof-top Patio, Hardwood Floors, Plenty of Storage!, 8 Car Garage, 2 Bedrooms (per floor), 1.5 Bathrooms (per floor), Spacious Family Room, Dining room, Updated Kitchen, Open layout, FREE White Picket Fence, FREE Sod, The option of additional stories is available just ask your POP agent!
What represents the American urban landscape better than the majestic parking garage.  Our landscape is littered with these iconic structures, penetrating the skyline like beautiful boxes with gracious lines and colorless brilliance.  At POP Homes, we capture the classic design features of the parking garage and apply them to our ‘Parking Garage Home’.  Bleak concrete is replaced with brilliantly colored aluminum siding and classic double hung windows with accompanying shutters, thus creating a more domestic feel.  The ‘Parking Garage Home’ comes standard with four stories, yet additional stories may be purchased to house every additional child, pet or collectible.. This unit includes a first storey 8-car garage/entry atrium, perfect for multi-car families or to display your collection of classic cars.   The ‘Parking Garage Home’ is a great buy for growing families and avid collectors alike.
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