Signature POP Aluminum Siding, USA Red, White & Blue Color Scheme, Double-hung Windows, Repetitive Doorways, Multiple Patios, Custom POP Laser-cut Railing, Hardwood Floors, Loading Dock, 4 Bedrooms (per floor), 3 Bathrooms (per floor), Spacious Family Room, Dining room, Large Kitchen, Open layout, FREE White Picket Fence, FREE Sod, Ask your POP agent about adding YOUR NAME to YOUR NEW HOME!
You are on a long road trip with the family, driving all day, the sun is setting and your eyes are getting heavy, what is the perfect thing to come into your view?  The same thing you see on the outskirts of any city, the roadside motel!  Whether it be a Super 8, a Days Inn or a Best Western, motels litter our highways, conveniently placed to suit the needs of any road-tripper.  At POP Homes, we have taken the POPular aesthetics of the roadside motel and applied them to our ‘Motel Home.’  Complete with large, sweeping porches with custom POP Laser-cut Railings, repetitive window units and multiple doorways, the ‘Motel Home’ brings apartment-like living to the suburban landscape. This exciting unit comes in a USA red, white and blue color scheme, the perfect way to show off your American pride!  The ‘Motel Home’ comes standard with two stories, but additional stories may be added at a low-low price. With plenty of parking and standard loading dock, this model is perfect for large and growing families!
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