Signature POP Aluminum Siding, POP Moroccan Windows, Laser-Etched Golden Gate Wall Treatments, Oriental Color Scheme, Chinese Inspired Front, Hardwood Floors, 2 Car Garage, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Spacious Family Room, Dining room, Updated Kitchen, FREE White Picket Fence, FREE Sod, Ask your POP agent about our NEW QR Signs and POP Advertising Program!
John Wayne vs. Clint Eastwood: who wins the age-old debate of who is the classically awesome cowboy? You do, if you choose the western style ‘False Front Home.’  This unit adopts the signature western decorated shed  with protruding street-facing wall building style made poplar by the spaghetti westerns.  At POP Homes, we don’t stop at the West,!  For the ‘False Front Home,’ we go East, incorporating classic Chinese and Moroccan characteristics and oriental color schemes, creating a hybrid east meets western motif.  This unit comes standard with our signature POP Laser-Etched Golden Gate wall treatments, transforming any pattern into magnificently brilliant wall patterns, adding a POP of originality to any home.  Also featured are our Moroccan inspired window units, the perfect addition to really Easternize your residence.  The ‘False Front Home’ comes with the optional addition of our POP original QR Sign Series, a great way to promote your personal business, link to a daughter’s dance recital, or make some extra cash through our NEW POP advertising program.  This unit is great for the international traveler or those who want to appear to be!
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