Double-Coated Two-Tone, Aluminum Siding, Laser-Etched Brick Paneling, Double-hung Windows, POP Pink Porticoes, Hardwood Floors, Off-Street Parking, 6 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Spacious Family Room, Dining room, Updated Kitchen, Open layout, FREE White Picket Fence, FREE Sod, Ask your POP agent about our Eastern European color series!
The Modernist block housing of communist Europe is a beautiful yet forgotten stylistic powerhouse.  With a sterile concrete aesthetic and streamlined design, this building style was thought to instill clean and happy living habits in its residents.  POP Homes wants to bring these same attributes and attitudes to you and your family with the Eastern European Home.  This model comes to you as the first of its kind in America!  The front of the home is equipped with custom POP Laser-Etched Brick Paneling and Double-Hung Mirrored Windows, evoking a familiarly domestic sentiment.  The rear of the home is outfitted with our custom Double-Coated Two-Tone Aluminum Siding in traditional apartment style design for that signature Eastern European block feel.  This unit also comes standard with signature POP Pink Porticoes for the perfect touch of classicism.  No longer will you yearn for downtown apartment living with the Eastern European Home.  A great model for growing families and live-in in-laws!
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