Signature POP Rustic Wood Siding, NEW Glitter Roof, POP Pink Accents, Custom Laser-Etched Front Porch, Custom Laser-Etched Mirrored Windows, Plenty of Attic Space, Hardwood Floors, 4 Car Garage, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Spacious Family Room, Dining room, Updated Kitchen, Open layout, FREE White Picket Fence,

FREE Sod, Bedazzle her with our NEW POP Glitter Roof!
The classic A-Frame structure brings to mind the easy life: snow capped mountain peaks, roaring nighttime fires, crisp mountain air. You would have to move all the way out to the boonies in order to find this mysterious structure. Well not anymore! POP Homes brings the A-Frame to anywhere USA with our seductive ‘A-Frame Home.’ With our NEW Rustic Wood Siding, we provide the outdoorsy elegance of a winter cabin without the outdoorsy hassle. The unit featured here is our exclusive ‘A-List A-Frame Home’ brought to you for a limited time only! Adequately equipped with our signature POP Pink trim, custom Laser-Etched front porch and mirror accents, and our NEW Glitter Roof, the ‘A-List A-Frame’ is sure to please the gaudiest of tastes.  The juxtaposition of mountain-man living with princess fairytale of the ‘A-List A-Frame’ feeds the needs of both the man and the woman of the house.  This model is perfect for the starter family, the elderly and the recent divorce!
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