Hello and welcome to POP Homes!

POP—Practically Original Productions—Homes is a residential construction and real-estate company dedicated to the beautification of the suburban landscape and the empowerment of its residents.  We offer a quality product at a competitive price!

At POP Homes, we build the homes that people want to live in, because our clients design them!  We separate ourselves from the typical ‘cookie cutter’ homes with our unique hybridization of urban architecture, classical motifs and post-modern sensibility, all with our signature POP of personality.  We offer historically inspired homes such as the ‘Ziggurat Home’, the urban inspired ‘Parking Garage’ and ‘Skyscraper’ homes, and suburban re-creations including the ‘Storefront Home’.  We have a home model that fills any void, and satisfy all stylistic desires.

POP Homes has developed a signature Laser-Etched aluminum siding capable of transforming into any style or motif you may desire.  Some of our current options include our custom concrete siding found on our ‘Brutalist Home’, or barnyard-red and laser-etched brick siding found on our ‘Medieval Barn Home’, our rustic wood siding found on our ‘A-Frame Home’, and the custom laser-etched designer pattern series which is found on the ‘Ziggurat Home’ in custom gold-leaf style appliqué. 

All of our home styles can be retrofitted to form any hybrid creation that you, the customer, desires.  Add a skyscraper to a motel, create a Southwestern Parking Garage, formulate a False-Fronted-Brutalist or an Eastern European A-Frame, whatever you can dream, we can create!

Enjoy a lifetime of pleasure, comfort, beauty, style, class and personality with your custom built POP Home*.  Don’t settle for ordinary, customize the extraordinary! We build Homes that YOU want to live in because YOU design them!

Designed by YOU, built by US, loved by ALL!  POP Homes, we make your home POP!

*Disclaimer: POP Homes may not last a lifetime.

POP Homes was concieved by Greg Daiker, you can find his website here.

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